INON Z-330 Strobe

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Bundling Promo 1x Inon Z3301x Ball Adaptor1x AOI FO Cable1x FO Adaptor*Free servicing 1 year as we are an Inon authorized servicing center.   Flagship...

Bundling Promo

1x Inon Z330
1x Ball Adaptor
1x AOI FO Cable
1x FO Adaptor
*Free servicing 1 year as we are an Inon authorized servicing center.


Flagship Underwater Strobe with Wide and Powerful Light
The INON Z-330 provides powerful Guide Number 33, high performance and multifunction in its compact body. Its built-in optically designed dome lens offering both high power and wide 110 degree coverage underwater without any diffuser which can sacrifice power. For digital cameras, film cameras, optical connection and sync cable connection, the Z-330 strobe supports every camera system with unparalleled features.

  • 110 degrees coverage UNDERWATER without diffuser.
  • Powerful Guide Number 33.
  • 13-step Manual Mode in addition to proven S-TTL Auto.
  • Bundled "Strobe Light Shade" to prevent shining camera lens
  • 220 lumen, shutter linked auto OFF Focus Light
  • Easily visible conspicuous phosphorescence back control panel during day and night.
  • Improved intuitive controllability with larger control dials
  • Newly designed radiation system to release generated heat inside to underwater
  • Optical/electrical connection compatibility.
  • Minimum recycle time "approx. 1.6 sec." at Full Flash.
  • On-board Wireless TTL capability



Model Z-330
Strobe Control Mode (*1) S-TTL Auto / TTL Auto / Manual
Connection (*1) Optical Connection (Optical D Cable, Wireless) / Electrical Connection (Sync. Code)
Settable Flash Output
Guide Number (*2)
FULL [1/1 (33)], -0.5 [1/1.4 (27)], -1 [1/2 (23)], -1.5 [1/2.8 (19)], -2 [1/4 (16)], -2.5 [1/5.6 (13)], -3 [1/8 (11)], -3.5 [1/11 (9.8)], -4 [1/16 (8.2)], -4.5 [1/22 (6.9)], -5 [1/32 (5.8)], -5.5 [1/45 (4.9)], -6 [1/64 (4.1)] (13 steps in 1/2EV.)
Beam Angle (*3) 110º x 110º circular beam [flash light] 
30º   [Focus Light]
Focus Light Intensity 220lm (*4)
Color Temp. Approx. 5500K  [flash light / without Strobe Dome Filter SOFT] 
Approx. 5400K  [flash light / with Strobe Dome Filter SOFT]
5300 to 6000K  [Focus Light (*4)]
Recycle Time
(*5) (*7)
Approx. 1.8 seconds minimum   ["eneloop" batteries] 
Approx. 1.6 seconds minimum   ["eneloop pro" batteries] 
Approx. 2.4 seconds minimum   [Alkaline batteries] 
Approx. 3.5 seconds minimum   [Lithium (1.5V) batteries]
Flash Capacity
(*5) (*7)
Approx. 210 flashes   ["eneloop" batteries] 
Approx. 280 flashes   ["eneloop pro" batteries] 
Approx. 200 flashes   [Alkaline batteries] 
Approx. 330 flashes   [Lithium (1.5V) batteries]
Focus Light Operable Duration
(*6) (*7)
Approx. 2 hrs 30 min   ["eneloop" batteries] 
Approx. 3 hrs 20 min   ["eneloop pro" batteries] 
Approx. 3 hrs 00 min   [Alkaline batteries] 
Approx. 4 hrs 00 min   [Lithium (1.5V) batteries]
Compatible Batteries AA "eneloop" (BK-3MCC) [recommended] x 4
AA "eneloop pro" (BK-3HCD) [recommended] x 4
AA NiMH (*8) x 4
AA Alkaline x 4
AA Lithium (1.5V) x 4
Dimensions Diameter: 102mm/4.0in, Hight: 131mm/5.2in, Depth: 125mm/4.9in (without Strobe Light Shade / Strobe Dome Filter SOFT)
Diameter: 111mm/4.4in, Hight: 131mm/5.2in, Depth: 129mm/5.1in (with Strobe Light Shade)
Weight (air) 637g/22.5oz (without Strobe Light Shade / Strobe Dome Filter SOFT / batteries)
789g/27.8oz (with Strobe Light Shade / 4 x "eneloop" batteries)
Weight (U/W) (*9) Approx. 48g/1.7oz (with Strobe Light Shade / 4 x "eneloop" batteries)
Working Temperature 0ºC - 30ºC / 32ºF - 8ºF (water temperature)
Storage Temperature 0ºC - 30ºC / 32ºF - 86ºF (air temperature)
+50ºC/122ºF (temporary allowable temperature limit)
Depth Rating 100m / 328ft
Body Material / Color Polycarbonate resin / gray
Package Contents Strobe Light Shade, Strobe Dome Filter SOFT, Sensor Cap, Sync. Connector Cap, Sensor Cap Caution Sticker, Repeated Flashes Limitation Sticker, INON Grease, Spare O-ring (Battery Box, Synch Connector), TTL Insulation Plate (x 2)

As of December 2017. Specifications/product design/price subject to change without prior notice.


(*1) Compatible flash mode/connection method varies depending on combined camera system and usable flash mode differs depending on connection method. Refer to the user manual for detail.
(*2) Measurement in air/ISO100 at 1m without "Strobe Dome Filter SOFT", nominal value.
(*3) Underwater, nominal value.
(*4) Calculated from a spec. chart of LED manufacture, nominal value.
(*5) Measured with FULL strobe output at 30-second intervals with both Focus Light and Advanced Cancel Circuit OFF, at 25ºC/77ºF with test batteries giving 5 minutes cooling period every 50 flashes. 
(*6) Operable duration is accumulated time of continuous mode with 5 minutes cooling period every 30 minutes at 25ºC/77ºF with test batteries.
(*7) Recycle Time/Flash Capacity/Focus Light operable duration based on INON test data. Actual values may vary using different battery manufacturer, battery type etc.
(*8) Not all Ni-MH batteries are confirmed compatible as some "conventional" or "high-capacity" NiMH rechargeable batteries have significant self-discharge and heat-generating characteristic causing difficulty to keep their performance during usage. Only when "eneloop" or "eneloop pro" batteries are not available, use good quality of Ni-MH rechargeable battery having less problem described above.
(*9) Measured in fresh water (25ºC/77ºF), nominal value.

Test battery

"eneloop" battery Panasonic "eneloop", BK-3MCC, 1.2V, Min.1,900mAh
"eneloop pro" battery Panasonic "eneloop pro", BK-3HCD, 1.2V, Min.2,500mAh
Alkaline battery Panasonic "EVOLTA NEO", LR6(NJ), 1.5V
Lithium (1.5V) battery Energizer LITHIUM, FR6, 1.5V
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