Isotta Housing for NIKON D780
The housing for Nikon D780 allows to capitalize on the camera full potential and to capture amazing pictures underwater. Product details An easy to use, highly professional product has been created through techniques and innovations gained from years of experience....
IDR 54,000,000.00
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Isotta Housing for NIKON Z7 / Z6 (Extension Ring with ZOOM mechanism not included)
An ergonomic highly professional product entirely Made in Italy that offers the highest quality and enhanced performance underwater. The durable anodized aluminum protects the camera from water and other damaging elements and its stylish, compact and ergonomic design has been...
IDR 51,000,000.00
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Nauticam NA-D5 Housing for Nikon D5 Camera
Nikon pro-series bodies are the cameras that can go anywhere, withstanding unbelievable punishment in the field, and bring back images bordering on the fringes of what is possible from current imaging technology. The Nauticam NA-D5 is an ergonomic, rugged, and...
IDR 76,340,000.00
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Nauticam NA-D6 Housing for Nikon D6 Camera
The Nikon D6 is the brand's latest professional level DSLR that packs incredible autofocus capabilities and superior image quality to allow for capturing images and video in even the most challenging lighting situations or during the fastest action.  The D6's...
IDR 94,050,000.00
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Nauticam NA-D780 Housing for Nikon D780 Camera
The Nikon D780 brings many of the technological advancements in autofocus, live-view shooting and video performance from the Z series mirrorless cameras to a full-frame DSLR.  A true hybrid shooter, the D780 employs a full-frame BSI 24.5MP sensor to create...
IDR 59,400,000.00
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Nauticam NA-D850 Housing for Nikon D850 Camera
Nikon's follow-up to the amazing D810 is the equally impressive D850. With updates that both still and video shooters will appreciate the D850 will be a top choice for underwater shooters. The Nauticam NA-D850 is the latest release in the...
IDR 61,880,000.00
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Nauticam NA-Z50 Housing for Nikon Z 50 Camera
The Z 50 is Nikon's first DX (APS-C) sensor mirrorless camera to feature the new Z Lens Mount shared with the Z 6 and Z 7 full-frame cameras. The Z 50's 20.9MP CMOS sensor delivers exceptional image quality for both...
IDR 44,550,000.00
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Nauticam NA-Z7II Housing for Nikon Z7II/6II Camera (excl. vaccum valve)
The Z 7II and Z 6II, Nikon's next generation full-frame mirrorless cameras, offer underwater shooters the same legendary Nikon sensors with improved autofocus and continuous shooting speed performance. The NA-Z7II supports both the Z 7II and Z 6II models and features the...
IDR 60,640,000.00
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Sea & Sea MDX-D850 Housing For Nikon D850 (Leak Sensor As Standard)
MDX-D850 (Black) (Housing only) Product No.06187 Features Much lighter than previous housings. Using unprecedented precision machining, the dimensions of the housing are similar to those of the camera. In addition, the revised internal design has also helped reduce weight. The...
IDR 56,410,000.00
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Sea & Sea MDX-Z7II Housing For Nikon Z7 Mark II / Z6 Mark II (Leak Sensor As Standard)
State-of-art housing for the full-frame mirrorless Nikon Z7II/Z6II/Z7/Z6 camera.Compact, compatible with Optical YS Converter and ergonomically designed.  MDX-Z7II for Nikon Z7II/Z6II/Z7/Z6 Product No. 06208 Features Ports and gears for the MDX series SLR housings can be used. The MDX-Z7Ⅱ/Z6Ⅱ is...
IDR 57,330,000.00 IDR 52,800,000.00
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