Nauticam NA-A7RV Housing for Sony A7RV Camera
With each new generation of camera, Sony continues to make giant strides in the way images are taken and processed.  The Sony a7R V shares the same 61MP sensor as the previous a7R IV, however it has made huge advancements...
IDR 54,000,000.00
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AOI DLP-01 / DLP-02 4" Dome Port for Olympus OM-D Housing
Model DLP-01 Description 4” Glass Dome Port for Olympus OM-D Mount Housing Recommended for Camera Housings : Olympus Housing PT-EP08/11/14Camera Lenses : Panasonic 8mm Fisheye Lens Material Hard Anodized Aluminum Alloy BarrelOptical Grade Glass Dome Lens with Inner Surface Multi-layers...
IDR 12,800,000.00 from IDR 9,490,000.00
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Nauticam NA-A6600 Housing for Sony A6600 Camera
Sony's latest flagship APS-C mirrorless, the a6600 brings some welcome changes for the underwater image maker including Sony's latest stellar autofocus and a much improved battery life thanks to its use of the larger Z series battery. The updated BIONZ...
IDR 32,200,000.00
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Isotta Housing for CANON EOS R6
With Canon EOS R6 the producer has focused on the photographer's creativity, wanting to support the user in his artistic flair with a camera defined as "radical". With silent shooting at 20 fps, Dual Pixel CMOS AF II sensors and...
IDR 55,940,000.00
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Isotta Housing for CANON EOS R5
The new Canon EOS R5 promises a revolution in photography and cinema. By employing new technologies, including artificial intelligence for AF and an image stabilizer that comes with up to 8 stops* of protection against vibration, Canon aims to make...
IDR 61,900,000.00
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Isotta Housing For OLYMPUS E-M5 Mark III
The housing for Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III allows to capitalize on the camera full potential and to capture amazing pictures underwater. (handles not included) Product details An easy to use highly professional product has been created through techniques and innovations gained...
IDR 26,240,000.00
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Nauticam NA-EM1III Housing for Olympus OM-D EM1 III Camera
The Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III, the latest iteration of the ground-breaking Micro Four Thirds camera brings improvements from the larger E-M1X to the more compact E-M1 form factor. The Mark III features a a 20MP Four Thirds sensor that...
IDR 33,420,000.00
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Isotta Housing for Sony Alpha 1
TECHNICAL DATA ALPHA 1 HOUSING • On and off lever of the della Sony Alpha 1;• Ergonomic camera focusing and shutter lever, easy to use with gloves; • Lens release lever;• Aperture knob;• C1 lever;• C2 button;• Mode knob;• Focus selector...
IDR 59,990,000.00
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Nauticam NA-GH6 Housing for Panasonic Lumix GH6 Camera
The Panasonic GH5 brought high-end video specs to the micro four thirds platform, setting the bar for what was possible in this compact form-factor. Since the GH5, the open-source MFT actor has grown, with a massive variety of lenses available...
IDR 54,000,000.00
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Sea & Sea MDX-Z7II Housing For Nikon Z7 Mark II / Z6 Mark II (Leak Sensor As Standard)
State-of-art housing for the full-frame mirrorless Nikon Z7II/Z6II/Z7/Z6 camera.Compact, compatible with Optical YS Converter and ergonomically designed.  MDX-Z7II for Nikon Z7II/Z6II/Z7/Z6 Product No. 06208 Features Ports and gears for the MDX series SLR housings can be used. The MDX-Z7Ⅱ/Z6Ⅱ is...
IDR 57,330,000.00 IDR 52,800,000.00
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Sea & Sea MDX-R5 Housing For Canon EOS R5 (Leak Sensor As Standard)
MDX-R5 ( Black ) ( Housing Only ) Product No.06198 Features Equipped with Grip plus,SA8 Fixed Ball Bases The new MDX R5 is the perfect complement to Canon`s new mirrorless R5 camera. The MDX-R5 is rich in features with all...
IDR 57,330,000.00 IDR 52,800,000.00
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Sea & Sea MDX-A7IV Housing For Sony A7 Mark IV (Leak Sensor As Standard)
Revised ergonomic design, improved safety features and eye-catching exterior. The new MDX-L series housings are now upgraded with more standard features to ensure better handling and greater protection for your camera. U/W Housing for Sony α7RIV MDXL-α7IV MDXL-α7IV(Black)(Housing Only) Product No.06195...
IDR 48,000,000.00
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Isotta Housing for Nikon Z7II & Z6II (Extension Ring with ZOOM mechanism not included)
An ergonomic highly professional product entirely Made in Italy that offers the highest quality and enhanced performance underwater. Product details The durable anodized aluminum protects the camera from water and other damaging elements and its stylish, compact and ergonomic design...
IDR 54,290,000.00
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Isotta Housing for Sony Alpha A6600
Controls • ON/OFF;• Ergonomic camera focusing and shutter button for an easy use with gloves;• Lens release;• Rear control panel;• Upper control panel; What's included • Housing;• Front lip;• Spare O-Ring kit;• Silicone Grease 15gr / 0,5 oz;• 2 years...
IDR 36,140,000.00
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Nauticam NA-XT4 Housing for Fujifilm X-T4 Camera FOR FUJIFILM X-T4 CAMERA
The X-T4, Fujifilm's latest APS-C mirrorless hybrid camera, adds a list of significant upgrades when compared to its predecessors.  Some of the most noticeable improvements are in-body stabilization, battery life, and auto focus tracking performance. As still/video hybrids become more popular, Fuji is offering a 26MP,...
IDR 47,030,000.00
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